Saturday, November 24, 2012

Words just weren't enough for this one...

Hello Everyone!! I know that there has been some silence since my last post, but do I have so much to share!!!

School came to a close on Wednesday, we were busy with exams the weeks prior and all making our holiday plans.  I certain enjoyed the last few weeks with my kids as they were finishing exams.  Lots of P.E. time, story time, and movie time (if you behaved well that day, of course).  Here is what I was able to capture during my last few weeks of school...

These girls ask for a new story every morning.  Aren't they so beautiful!!! 

Happiness starting the fire in the morning to start boiling their maze and beans for lunch. This is our "Kitchen".

My boys playing soccer one day after exams were finished. 

These are the hearing students from Eregi Mixed Primary School, watching the game. 

Play Felix a bit of music and he will always break out into dance for you.  He is a precious soul. 

Happiness attempting to read my Peace Corps newspaper

My students entranced in Tarzan.  So fun, since Tarzan takes place in the congo and much of the vegetation is the same in Western.

This is how small my computer is for them to watch and they are in constant awe, can you imagine what they would be like if they experienced a movie theater!!??? 
My oldest girl Edith and my littlest girl Purity.

I'm sure from this video you may be wondering how my kids are singing since they go to a deaf school, but a lot of my younger students are actually hearing, but they have some other type of impairment.  In this group now, its about half and half.  And if you notice I actually wave at one of my deaf girls during the song to tell her it was her turn to drop.  But, this is a typical game that some of my girls play during P.E. because the boys play "too rough" during football.  

After school finally came to a close, Eregi Teachers Training College (where I live) happened to be having a culture Festival.  Since students come from all over Kenya, this festival gives them all a chance to show a bit of their home and take pride in their traditions.  Kelsey arrived on Wednesday and Thursday morning we woke to have the most unbelievable and memorable Thanksgivings of our lives.

Part I: 6 a.m. Luhya Cultural Bull fighting:

Father Lwangu and I up and ready for the festivities... I'm tired (you can tell), but wake up pretty quick...and you'll see why...

As people start to arrive the parade around the field and show off all the bulls in front of the stadium.  Many people in traditional colobus monkey furs (which are now endangered in Kakamega Rainforest)
This is how they show off their bulls in the beginning in front of the stadium.

The students dancing and parading around the field 

dancing and parading around the field continued...


This is the students dancing and parading around the field, as is tradition in the Luhya Culture. 

a lot of the time the bulls get angry and charge the crowd around them.  The grass was a bit wet that morning and may times people fell in front in the bull as they were charging.  I'm Thankful that no one got hurt that morning. 

This bull had just won his fight, so they parade him around the stadium. 

The crowd around the bulls will slowly herd the bulls together so they will fight each other. 

This is a full bull fight.  I know in the middle you lose sight of them, but in the end you will see the winner bull being brought around in celebration. 

This bull was almost too drunk and high to even walk.  Before these fights they give the bulls Bhang (marijuana) and their local brew so the bull is agitated...this one had A LOT....and won his fight! 

The initial BANG of the fight is always the most exciting here you go. 

Part II: Traditional Dancing and Song




Masai during their traditional song
Masai traditional dancing



Luhya (my tribe)
A Luhya traditional song



Luo (Kelsey's Tribe)



This was a Luo dance that they last minute requested to perform.  They dedicated this dance to Kelsey and I by beginning it with "a special dance for the girls abroad, we love you." As you can tell from our commentary and excessive giggling throughout, Kelsey and I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  Couldn't have asked for a better finale!! 

So, I hope that you all enjoyed this as much as I did uploading everything for you to see. I'm hoping to upload a few more larger dancing video's tomorrow so stay tuned, maybe check it out again tomorrow for the new videos.  This day was incredible and obviously words could not describe it all, this was the best I could do.  Through December I will be on break from school and traveling through Kenya, of course I will keep my camera handy so that I will be able to again share more videos and pictures.  School will start in January as well as the digging for the well so that it will be completed on time. We are half way to my goal amount, so maybe if it slipped your mind or the Holidays has softened you up to donate to a worthy cause, please please send what you can as soon as possible. 

Miss and Love you all back home, hope that you had a delicious and grateful Thanksgiving! 


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